Rights and Ecology promotes global and restorative justice as the path to healthy and sustainable communities. Violence, poverty and environmental destruction are products of unbalanced systems perpetuated by power abuse.

Rights and Ecology collaborates with community based organizations as part of the web of social movements acting for structural change across continents by documenting human rights abuses and environmental destruction, promoting public information connecting specific cases to the structural factors that contribute to the violation, presenting denouncements in formal mechanisms for the defense of the environment and human rights, promoting participatory development, reparations and restoration processes, and facilitating resources to local organizations to support their efforts to denounce abuses while protect natural resources that sustain life.


  • The rights framework is an effective tool to balance the rights of the majority against the interests of the few; bringing greater balance to global systems, strengthening the possibility to defend healthy communities, and promoting healing from historical violations. The world’s policy makers have not yet begun to contend with the reality that the development model pursued over the past century is literally destroying our niche in the global ecosystem
  • Communities resist projects that damage the ecosystems that support them, and violence is often used to impose those projects
  • The negative impacts of environmental destruction, including climate change, most impact the lives of the poor, while the motors of destructive activities are promoted by and benefit a tiny fraction of the world’s population

Donations can be made through:
The Center for Political Ecology
P.O. Box 8467
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

Make checks out to The Center for Political Ecology, with Rights and Ecology in the subject line.

Contact Rights and Ecology: Telephone: [202] 738-4160

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